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Our Alumni – A true measure of Club success!


Club Alumni

Generations of America’s kids have found a better life and brighter future thanks to Boys & Girls Clubs around the world! Statistics show, due to its tested and proven programs, Boys & Girls Clubs have an immediate and long lasting impact on the lives of Alumni!

Club Alumni are a testament to the success of the Boys & Girls Clubs of York County, and in turn, can help us mold and develop the youth of today to be tomorrow’s community leaders. Each one of you can look back at people, events, and opportunities that the Club provided which influenced who and where we are today. With this in mind, we invite you to please contact us here and provide us with your information so we can keep in touch with you! And, invite you to share your story/successes with our present members.


Alumni Feature: Kevin Patton

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Connect with us!

The Boys & Girls Clubs of York County and our members love to hear the success stories from Club Alumni! Connect with us by sending your name, phone and email address to Sara Blancke, Director of Development & Marketing here. We look forward to hearing from you soon!